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"I majored in physics and have a strong background in math, but it had been a long time since I had used some of the areas covered by the CSET. CSETMath helped me to brush up in a short time and it informed me of the areas the test covers, which saved me the time and worry of having to research that for myself. I knew what to expect when I took the CSET and passed it the first time."
- Maury McCaffrey-

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CSET Math Subtest 2:
Geometry, Probability, and Statistics

While most potential math teachers might be familiar with geometry and know a little about probability and statistics, these are topics that many people don’t think about on a regular basis. But you must be familiar with these topics and others if you plan to succeed in passing the CSET Mathematics Subtest 2.
Preparing for the CSET Mathematics--Subtest 2 workbook includes a complete practice exam in which each problem is carefully chosen to meet the SMR (Subject Matter Requirements) for CSET Mathematics Subtest 2. The solution to each of these problems gives an in depth explanation, while the proofs contain additional background reasons for each statement. The explanations not only give the correct answer but also teach the concepts in sufficient detail that after practicing with these materials you will be able to solve a wide variety of related problems. In addition to the practice exam workbook, CSET Math now offers a Constructed Response Workbook for the CSET math Subtest II. Preparing for the CSET Mathematics--Subtest 2 Constructed Response Workbook contains 20 constructed response questions with detailed solutions designed to assist you in passing the actual CSET Exam. Get free sample downloads here. Preparing for the CSET Mathematics--Subtest 2 is the ultimate way to minimize your study time and maximize your results!

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CSET Math Subtest 2:Geometry, Probability, and Statistics

Preparing for the CSET Mathematics--Subtest 2
Practice Exam
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Preparing for the CSET Mathematics--Subtest 2
Constructed Response Workbook
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